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Crystalis Institute was founded in 1994 by best-selling author, healing facilitator and teacher Naisha Ahsian, to provide quality training for vibrational healers and personal growth programs and information to seekers worldwide. Our mission is to offer high quality, grounded, evidence based, heart-centered, transformational healing facilitation sessions, retreats and training programs through our office in Sedona and online worldwide.


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Becoming a crystal or vibrational healer is a sacred calling...

You take your calling seriously. Shouldn't you take your training seriously, too?


You want to be the best that you can be in your healing practice and help people in a meaningful way. Just getting a piece of paper saying you're qualified isn't the point. You want to know you're qualified. You want to learn more than just techniques. You need to know what happens on the inside of a healer and a client during and after a session. You want to understand why you're doing what you're doing, so that you can help your clients to understand how they can be more empowered through the work. You want to be able to ask questions and get real answers from a mentor who actually practices what they are teaching. You want evidence based information about energy and healing, so that you can talk about your modality in an informed and intelligent way. You want more than just information on what to put where. You want real training from the inside out.


Just because healing is your spiritual calling doesn't mean that your training should be without a solid foundation. You shouldn't have to just take it all on faith. At Crystalis Institute, we respect your spiritual calling by providing grounded, evidence based, clinical training in crystal and other vibrational healing. We've been doing it since 1994. Our training programs are rigorous and challenging. We train the whole healer from the inside out, so that once you are certified you really feel as though you've earned something meaningful. After all, you take your spiritual path seriously. We take it seriously too.

Online or in-person, we've got a class for you!

Online Classes

Our online classes offer you the opportunity to study on your time and at your own pace through downloadable videos and other materials. Whether you are interested in improving your psychic abilities, learning tarot, or understanding how to connect with stones on a deeper level, you'll find these online classes a valuable and enjoyable way to explore.


In-person Workshops

There's nothing like group energy! Workshops are a great way to learn valuable skills and information, while meeting new friends. Currently, we offer Primus Activation Healing TechniqueTM workshops in the US and Australia, with more being scheduled for later in 2015. Starting in autumn of 2015, we'll be offering these and other workshops at our location in Sedona. Check out our live, in-person workshop schedule to plan your learning adventure!

Personal Growth Programs

The spiritual journey is ultimately one of personal growth. It is the continual cultivation of practices and attitudes that help you to be more of who you were created to be, and to better enable you to do what you've come to this Earth-school to do. There are no magic pills or instant enlightenment answers. There is only the journey. Maybe you're at a point where you feel stuck and you need to move forward, but you aren't quite sure how. Or, perhaps you've recently been catapulted into a new reality and you need a map to explore the landscape. Maybe you're just looking for greater self awareness as a spiritual human being.


Our personal growth programs give you tools to help you to continually move forward on your journey. Whether you are looking for a six month online spiritual growth course, or a personal retreat with Naisha in Sedona, our programs are designed to help you to undertake deep inner inquiry that leads to outward change.

Experience a healing session or reading to support you on your path...

Consultation Services in-person or by phone

Naisha has been offering personal consultations by phone and internet to hundreds of satisfied clients around the world for over 20 years. Naisha uses The Crystal Ally Cards, which she designed and created, as energetic "place holders" to help structure deep intuitive consultations. Whether you are seeking to explore your soul path, understand what is developing for you over the coming year, or look more deeply at a particular issue or circumstance in your life, Naisha's consultations can be a valuable resource for your inner exploration. All consultations are done via internet or phone.



Primus Activation Healing or Crystal Resonance Therapy sessions in Sedona

Once our new facility in Sedona is ready this summer, Naisha will be offering a limited number of in-person healing facilitation sessions using Crystal Resonance TherapyTM and the Primus Activation Healing TechniqueTM. We will also be hosting certified Crystal Resonance Therapists from around the world as guest healers in our Crystal Resonance TherapyTM Clinic.


Please note: Our Sedona center will not be open to the public for drop-in sessions. All sessions must be booked in advance, as availability will be very limited. Please plan accordingly!

Upcoming Events

2015 Reading for the Planet


Online - Becoming the Human Crystal Program

with Carol Hendrickson:

begins Monday, March 23 @ 7:30 pm ET


Workshop - Primus Activation Healing Technique with Peta Lazarides in Imril, Queensland, AUS

March 28 & 29


Workshop - Primus Activation Healing Technique with Faith Supple in Beacon, NY

April 11 & 12


Online - Becoming the Human Crystal Program

with Naisha Ahsian:

begins Saturday, June 13th @ 12pm ET


Workshop - Primus Activation Healing Technique with Naisha Ahsian in Sedona, AZ August 8 & 9


Course Seminar - Crystal Resonance Therapy Certification Training Program culiminating seminar with Naisha Ahsian in Sedona, AZ August 16-18th. For completing students only.

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