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We have been serving light workers worldwide since 1994. Our mission is to serve humanity and the Earth through offering grounded, quality information, rigorous training programs, and tools for the conscious community. To fulfill this goal, we deliver most of our training, classes and services on-line, so that we can reach the world community directly. Our programs are based on the work of best-selling author, speaker and teacher, Naisha Ahsian.

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Go deeply into yourself... through the Becoming the Human Crystal Program A six month, fully facilitated, online program for personal spiritual development and healing.


Discover the science and spirit of vibrational healing in our two day Certification Training workshops, learning the

Consultations with Naisha Ahsian

Naisha Ahsian is Director of Crystalis Institute, a best-selling author and an internationally acclaimed teacher of crystal consciousness and spiritual growth. She is co-author of The Book of Stones, and author of The Crystal Ally Cards and The Little Book of Infinite Abundance.

Naisha offers consultations and private training via phone or Skype. Click the "schedule now" button to schedule your private consultation.

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Crystal Resonance TherapyTM
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